September 22nd, 2014

Another Reason the SEC Rules

by JoeDubin
20 years ago, the SEC took a bold step when they hosted the first ever Conference Championship game in football.  It was Alabama vs. Florida, Legion field on a cold December day.  It was a great game as the Tide won over the Gators to advance to the National Championship game where they beat Miami.  
I vividly remember the talk about how this extra game would not work.  From the conference hurting itself by knocking each other out of the national title picture to no one will see two teams play each other again, etc.  But something funny happened on the way to the top.  
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and it certainly is for the SEC.  Now the Pac 12, the Big 10, the ACC, the Big East, and the Big 12 are all doing it.  Conference championship games, it is a wonderful thing.  
So on Saturday, Alabama will play Georgia and the winner will play Notre Dame for the National title in south Florida in early January.  The Georgia Dome will be sold out, again, and millions around the country will be watching.  Watching a conference championship game that 20 plus years ago, some said would never work.  
(Side note-You can hear the SEC Championship game on 102.5 The Game Saturday, starting at Noon.)
Big Joe


(Photo courtesy of The Gut Check)

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