September 21st, 2014

Be Thankful If You're A Head Coach

by ZachBingham


Since this week is all about being thankful, I thought counting down the top ten highest paid coaches in college football would be appropriate because as Derek Dooley knows, it doesn't last long.

USA Today had an article the other day that outlined all of the ‘perks’ college coaches get. From Texas head coach Mack Brown's $60,000 bonus to serve on the board of the University of Texas Golf Club, to Oregon State’s Mike Riley getting 25% of all revenue from season ticket sales over 23,000, the bonuses are unbelievable.

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer receives a $50,000 check from Kroger to be his ‘grocery of choice’. This is the amount of money that coaches earn off the field while still on the Universities payroll, but the big money comes once a coach gets canned.

Recently fired Derek Dooley is set to make roughly $102,040 per month through December 2016. Former Ole Miss head football coach Houston Nutt is making $6 million after being handed his pink slip last season. 

Even though down time for a college football coach is minimal, paychecks are at an all time high.

Here is 1-10  

  1. Alabama's Nick Saban: $5,476,738
  2. Texas' Mack Brown: $5,353,750
  3. Oklahoma's Bob Stoops: $4,550,000
  4. Ohio State's Urban Meyer: $4,300,000
  5. LSU's Les Miles: $3,856,417
  6. Iowa's Kirk Ferentz: $3,835,000
  7. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier: $3,585,000
  8. Auburn's Gene Chizik: $3,577,500
  9. Oregon's Chip Kelly: $3,500,000
  10. TCU's Gary Patterson: $3,467,926

From spending less time with their family, to feeling the stresses of running a big time program, hard work has paid off.

With the exception of Chizik, who may be looking for a job, Urban Meyer, who is not eligable due to Ohio State violations and Kirk Ferentz whose Hawkeyes have won just four games, I bet the only Christmas wish all of these coaches have in December is to win their respected Bowl games.

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