September 2nd, 2014

Casting The Sports-Side of ABC's 'Nashville'

by 1025thegame

ABC’s Grand Ole Soap Opera, Nashville, has been a smash success. However, those of us at Korked Bats feel like the show is failing to show off the great sports presence in Nashville. You know, like the mediocre Tennessee Titans, the often inept Vanderbilt Commodores, and that hockey team we have. Why aren’t they getting any love from the show? Well, we decided to help out the ABC big wigs. We went ahead and cast who we think would be a good fit for each big sports personality in Nashville.

Nashville Predators Head Coach Barry Trotz and The Penguin from Batman Returns. Both of them have been around for a long time, both are short and round, and both of them love ice.

Vanderbilt Commodores head football coach James Franklin and comedian Keegan-Michael Key. Both are up and coming and will probably move on to much bigger things. Speaking of comedy, the fact that Vanderbilt had their new football uniform unveiling in a Barnes & Noble is pretty funny. What? Was the library booked?

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