September 23rd, 2014

Clash of The Titans

by 1025 The Game Girls

Former Titans Cheerleader and Game Reporter Ashley Danielle sits down with current Titans Cheerleader Jena to talk about yesterdays loss to the Chicago Bears.

The Titans got trounced by the Bears with an embarrassing 51-20 score in week 8. The Bears capitalized on penalties and countless mistakes on special teams, offense and defense. The Titans never knew what hit them and neither did the fans, who were almost nonexistent at LP Field. After a fair warning from owner Bud Adams, everyone’s future with the organization is in jeopardy. (cue scary music!)

Jena is a 4th year Tennessee Titans cheerleader who has aspirations of becoming a sports reporter. She’s currently an accountant and is going back to school for sports broadcasting. Jena is a diehard football fan and enjoys reading football magazines like Sports illustrated.

Outside of her love of the game, she’s a workout queen who runs often and frequents boot camp classes. Although the Titans were struck with a loss, Jena helps us weigh in on Chris Johnson, Munchak and keys to future success.

What went wrong for the Titans against the Bears? Ugh…TURNOVERS! They were huge. We gave away too many defensive touchdowns and penalties hurt us. We just couldn’t recover.

Back in ’09 Titans went 0-6 to start and came around to make the playoffs. Do you see a turnaround of that nature? I remember that season; there were a few teams with interesting records. In this league, things can go uphill or downhill really fast. There’s always a possibility.  Yeah we’ve had a few loses but nobody should think this is the end. 

Do you feel the 1st round pick, Kendall Wright, has stepped up as a rookie? Oh my gosh, most definitely! He got it together after the 1st playoff game where he dropped a few passes. I think he needed to get used to things. He’s really stepped up and been the player that we expected.

After a mediocre season last year, what did you expect for this season? We still have a young team. They are capable of producing wins as we’ve seen against Pittsburgh and Detroit. I believe we have an elite football team if they believe in themselves.

Do you think Munchak has done a better job than Fisher? I think Munchak brings a different coaching style and different elements to the organization. Munchak is still new in the head coach position, so it will take time to rebuild especially with our tough schedule and getting the team healthy. Don’t get me wrong, both coaches were really good.

Do you think Chris Johnson is more humbled now since he has failed to produce 1000+ yard seasons? I believe CJ learned a lot from his hold out last year. He noticed how not practicing with the team during the summer affected his game. He realized he wasn’t at league level and that he may have handled things wrong.

In your opinion, who’s the biggest contributor to the team? I would say Matt Hasselback is the biggest contributor. He was okay with being backup quarterback and how he handled the situation was humbling. He’s definitely a role model to Locker and the team. He’s such a great guy and has a wonderful family as well.

What are the keys to victory? I would say low turnovers on defense and using majority of the clock on offense. Your teammates will work hard to win if you’re a team. That’s very important, being a team.

Do you have any advice to players and how to deal with a loss? Realize what the need to do moving forward. Don’t think about the past because it’s already in the past. Get prepared for next week and improve.

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