September 15th, 2014

Could Locker Thrive In A Read-Option Offense?

by ZachBingham

On Sunday, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick made his coach look like an absolute genius as they advanced to Super Bowl XLVII. Jim Harbaugh made the move to Kaepernick in week 7 and since then, the Niners have gone 7-2. This is coming off of a NFC Championship loss with QB Alex Smith just a year ago.

Kaepernick runs a read and react offense that allows him to make all sorts of spectacular plays. He has a solid running game, which keeps linebackers at the line of scrimmage and opens up passing lanes, a great tight end and a top ten overall draft pick in wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Kaepernick has weapons.

The one-two punch of running backs Frank Gore and LeMachael James have become the balance needed to take advantage of Kaepernick’s featured attributes.

So it got me thinking…

Teams are having success with this style of play, why can’t the Titans?

They have a mobile quarterback that can throw, a running back with speed, a receiving tight end in Jared Cook, if he re-signs, and two 1st round wide receivers. The tools are there.

This season, we saw offensive coordinators Chris Palmer and Dowell Logins try rolling Jake Locker outside of the pocket, letting him make judgment decisions. Why not let him make those judgment decisions on a regular basis? 

He has the speed. Locker ran a 4.59 40-yard dash at the combine.

Kaepernick ran a 4.53. 

Wouldn’t you love seeing Locker make plays like this?

or like this?

The Titans will go into 2013 with a healthy offensive line and hopefully a better defense (hopefully). Granted it won’t be one like the 49ers but it should be improved.

Let’s say, hypothetically, Tennessee takes a look at Alabama running back Eddie Lacy in this year’s draft. The Gore-James tandem that San Francisco is utilizing running the pistol offense wouldn’t look too bad in Tennessee with Johnson and Lacey.

Mobile quarterbacks are flourishing right now. Locker has had his bout with injury and no team wants to deal with a backup but maybe adjusting to your personnel will win more football games. 

Will the Titans do this? Probably not, but it would simplify the offense for a quarterback who had his fair share of struggles in 2012.


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Photo Courtesy of the USAToday

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