September 21st, 2014

'Getting the Band Back Together'

by JoeDubin
Yes, that famous line from the Blues Brothers that we 'are getting the band back together.'  That is exactly what Dave Hart should do right now with the Tennessee coaching search.  
By getting the band back together, I mean go re-hire Phillip Fulmer.  Tell him to go get John Chavis from LSU to come back as your defensive coordinator.  Then go get Tee Martin and make him the face of the future for the program.  Retain Jay Graham and go forth.  
Look, UT has become a giant laughingstock around the country.  Everyone has turned down that job it seems as evidenced by the Twitter hashtag that was trending nationally last night, #TurnedDownTennessee.  
This is polarizing for a lot of Vols fans.  Fulmer is beloved by some, but for others, not so much.  Hart didn't fire Fulmer, Mike Hamilton did, so it's not about saving face there.  Now, it is about saving face for himself and the program.  
Look, UT has not had an 8 win season since 2007.  Fulmer had 2 non winning seasons in 15 years.  Let that sink in for a moment.  
So go hire the guy who if he bled, I am pretty sure he would bleed orange.  And get this madness over.
Big Joe

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