September 16th, 2014


by JoeDubin
The ole hashtag.  Long since forgotten, but thanks to TWITTER, it has made a comeback better than Martin and Lewis at the Tropicana in 85.  Well maybe.  Anyway, if you are on TWITTER, you know what a hashtag is.  If not, I cannot help you.  At least not now.  
So some have come up with a hashtag involving Jon Gruden and these absurd rumors involving him.  Will he be the next coach at UT?  Or of the Browns?  Or the Eagles?  Or stay at ESPN?  Maybe all 4?  And this person saw him at that diner in Knoxville, and that person saw him at this Bed & Breakfast, and so on.  
That is why #Grumors was born.  There are so many reports out there involving this guy, you don't know whether to laugh, cry, scratch your head, go shopping, or turn off your phone and computer for a week.  
What we do know is this.  It has gotten out of hand.  The longer this goes on, the more #Grumors we will see.  And hear about.  I gotta think somewhere, Jon Gruden is seeing all of this and laughing.  Heck knows I would be.  
Hey, I gotta run.  A #Grumor report just came out that Gruden was at Opry Mills looking for shoes.  I think orange shoes.  Uh-Oh.  Here we go.
Big Joe
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