September 1st, 2014

Hockey's back - did you miss it?

by BradHopkins

Hockey's back - did you miss it?  Let's ask some hard hitting questions.  What did you watch while hockey was away?  Will you continue to watch now that hockey's back?  Not everyone shared MY excitement for the return of hockey.

"Hockey’s back, and we’re supposed to get excited that you got to hold all our season ticket money giving us a whopping 1% interest. Excuse me if I don’t get overly excited about 15 fewer home games, players who will have to rush to get back in shape, and some slop hockey that will lead toward a bewildering playoffs," -Tom. 

Will it ever come out, what TRULY was hamstringing hockey's return?  Does it matter?  If you're like me you're curious as to how this season is going to play out.

How many injury situations will be created with a condensed season?  More adversely how many of those injuries will affect the quality of the game?  I guess what I'm getting at is, was playing 48 games or scrapping the season at this point the best option?

Would you mind your team at the end of this season hoisting the Stanley Cup... with an asterisk by it?!  You know the ensuing argument, "awww you only played 48 games!"

In more traditional markets the absence of hockey is way more blasphemous.  Heck, one the first suspects charged in the Vancouver riots of 2011 was identified as a Miss Congeniality winner at a Vancouver beauty pageant!

Well luckily here in Nashville there is still some excitement about a relatively new franchise that advanced to the second round of the playoffs last year and was eliminated by the Stanley Cup winner the year before.

Plus, sharing a city with another pro team gives us something to compare our other athletes to.  Public perception, community relations, winning, etc.   

The Preds are still lead by one of the sharpest minds in hockey, Barry Trotz, one of the best defenceman in the game Shea Weber, and let's not forget about the guy responsible for keeping the scores low Peke Rinne.

These guys, along with players like David Legwand and Sergei Kostitsyn helping lead the charge, shouldn't take long to get the 'Stone rockin again!  

So let's cheer the return of our brotheren on ice and wish them a speedy recovery from their absence.  Asterisk or no asterisk, I'd love to see Weber, Rinne, Legwand, Kostitsyn, Yosi, Blum, and others smooching Lord Stanley's Cup in June!


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