September 23rd, 2014

It's a Love/Hate Thing

by JoeDubin

One of the best sports debates is when it comes to your favorite team, picking out who is the most beloved player in that team's history can be a tough one.  Now when it comes to the Yankees or the Celtics, or a team with a long, rich history, it is a bit tougher.  When it is a franchise that was founded in 1997, it can be a bit easier, but the debate, still just as strong.

Tuesday night at the Bridgestone Arena, the Nashville Predators will welcome their hated rivals, the Detroit Red Wings to town for the first time in this lockout shortened season.  Here is the quandary for a lot of Predator fans tonight.  One of the most cherished players in Nashville Predators history, now plays for the Red Wings.

Jordin Tootoo spent 8 years in Nashville and became quickly known for his aggressive style of playing hockey. OK, OK, he loved to fight.  Correction.  He LOVED to fight and Predator fans embraced him.  A little guy, from a remote part of the world, succeeding in the NHL.  What's not to love right?  And he was all Nashville's. Until recently, when in the off-season, Tootoo signed a nice deal with the Red Wings, leaving Nashville behind.

So tonight, one of, if not the most beloved player, will be skating against his former team.  His former city.  His former fans.  This is really bothering Preds fans.  They say it isn't but it is.  Hating Detroit but loving one player, who meant a lot to them.  

It is truly a Love/Hate thing.

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