September 16th, 2014

Johnny Football Trick Shots (Video)

by ZachBingham

Johnny Football has taken the nation by storm in the past eight months.

From a model girlfriend, to a Heisman trophy, to tweeting out pictures of him with a fist full of cash at the casino (see here)

Life can’t get much better for the Texas A&M 'soon to be' sophomore. 

Finishing 2012 off with 516 total yards and four TDs as the Aggies capped their first SEC season with a 41-13 win over 12th-ranked Oklahoma, it's now on to the offseason for Manziel.

A recent video emerged by the guys they call ‘Dude Perfect’. A&M alums that started the fad of crazy sports trick shots, have turned their talents into a full-fledged business.

These YouTube sensations have starred in a national commercial campaign, have merchandise, a website and even have their own Iphone game.

The guys teamed up with Johnny Football himself and this is what happened.

FYI. The best shot comes at 4:15.

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Photo Courtesy of Dude Perfect

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