September 18th, 2014

Let's Play the Blame Game

by BradHopkins

This whole situation surrounding Manti Te'o is hard to digest because of all the moving parts.  But let's try and narrow the field down by simply discovering where fault lies.  I'll say the party involved and you determine their level of  involvement:

First of course, Mr. Te'o: to say he knew nothing would be nieve.  The spotlight is as addicting as any drug and makes you do things you wouldn't normally do.  Let's just say 40% because anything morning he would be a jerk.

Next up, the media: ESPN in the past has done a great job of  humanizing it's sports stories.  And in the wake of two deaths within six hours of each other, who could resist asking personal questions?  But then how quickly did THAT become the story?  Nothing we're talking about here is sports related, so ultimately what difference does it make?  Another 40%!

Family and friends: Pops should pay more attention to who he is being introduced to and any link with a high school friend probably is linked with questionable maturity.  I'm also not quite sure that Manti Te'o himself was the only victim of wanting the spotlight.  There seems to be a bunch of conspirators circulating around the facts.  Easily 10%!

And!  Weren't Te'o's abilities enough?  Did we need more to validate him being a terrific football player?  Was Notre Dame's football program not enough?  Did we need more of a storyline to bring the program back to relevance?  10% for us following the story should be acceptable.  

Ultimately, no rules were broken.  No fine was levied.  And no true competitive advantage was gained.  So let's cut the kids some slack and hey Manti let's try, probably a lot safer!

-B. Hop

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