September 22nd, 2014


by BradHopkins

Isn't "losing" just as important as "winning?"  In my opinion it is and I'll tell you why. 

First, I don't know anyone who likes "losing" but you have to agree the hunger "losing" creates is necessary.  Necessary to change one's fortunes.  
I heard a term this week that is both funny and appropriate.  A retired pro athlete explained his offspring's lack of desire to follow his footsteps as a condition called "afluenza."  Growing up "affluent" may contribute to this condition since "losing" in life has never really been a part of their culture. 

Without "losing," achieving our goals can be rather difficult.  If we won all the time, how would we learn "humility?"  How would we learn to repair our weaknesses?  Where would we draw the strength to accomplish our dreams?  Hell, would we even dream?   

EVERYONE loves to win, to stand in the 1st place circle, receive the biggest trophy, the biggest paycheck.  EVERYONE wants the recognition of being "the best."  But even "the best" eventually fall short to the "underdog."  And don't we love it! 

How long before we want really want to see Nick Saban lose to James Franklin?  How cool is it watching a mid-major program reach the "Final Four?"  How about the struggling family that wins the lottery?  That culture of "losing" makes the victory taste that much sweeter, right?

Society has taught us there is no real reward for 2nd place.  Who was runner-up for the Heisman when Eddie George won?  Who won the silver in basketball past Olympics?  

"Silver" is not near as good as "gold."  But before getting the "gold," an appreciation for "brass" should be established.

So "losing's" not so bad huh...yeah right!!  While remembering from whence we came is paramount, doing the "salsa" after a touchdown sure is fun!!  Go get em tiger(s)!!
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