September 16th, 2014

More than Practice

by JoeDubin
Growing up and playing all 3 sports, there was always a constant for me at practice.  It wasn't the same coach, or the same players or a combo of the two.  My constant was my Mom.  She came to every single practice, no matter the conditions, no matter the place, no matter what the reason might be, she was there.  
I remember asking her years later, why she went to those practices, when even I was bored and I was the one out there.  She replied, 'when you have kids one day, you will understand.'  
I have a daughter, who is 14 and she dabbled in softball and soccer and I went to all of her practices. My son is now 6 and is into basketball, big time.  And it was at his practice when my mom's words hit me, 'when you have kids one day, you will understand.'  As I sat there watching him play and doing so good, I found myself talking to myself and saying, 'Mom, I understand. '  
You see, it is more than a practice.  It is a blessing.  A blessing to sit there and watch my son, and my daughter before that, run around and laugh and interact with their friends.  A blessing to see that excitement and at this age, that pure innocence.  
Yes Mom, I understand now.  I only wish I got to tell you that before you had to go.  
Big Joe
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