September 20th, 2014

NFL Parity 2012

by BradHopkins

Here's a wild graphic that from Reddit user Lvl9LightSpell that tells you everything you need to know about parity in the NFL.

Every team beat the team to the clockwise direction.

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Remember this, every team has beaten the team in the clockwise direction.

To say this graphic sums up the parity in the NFL is quite the understatement.

It seems every week we’re compelled to discuss who we think truly is “the best.”  The reality is far less appealing than having a clear-cut, dominate team amidst the 32 to give the crown.

Reality is, in this here league, any team really can beat any other team.  Yes, given the right motivation and frame of mind, the Jaguars can beat the Falcons.

If you examine the rosters of each team from year to year, you’ll find “subtle” changes.  A new wide-eyed rookie class, an added free agent here and there.   But for the most part, a nucleus of guys who have won or lost together during the preceding season.

So why don’t the winners win every year and the losers lose every year?  If this were the case, “gambling” and “fantasy” wouldn’t be such a huge part of the game.

In this game, the 4th seed (or 8th…maybe) can beat Alabama.  The “Wild Card” most times has the momentum and can win the conference.  And one of the “First Four”  CAN beat Kentucky.  That’s what separates the “pro” game from the predictability that is, in most cases, the college game.

So enjoy the round table discussion, but remember this chart before you start.

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