September 16th, 2014

No, No, No and No Again

by JoeDubin

In the U.S. when it comes to sports, there is the NFL, and then there is everything else.  Pretty much is the same in Nashville too.  Sure, college football will get its fair share of talk and college basketball come tournament time, but nothing grabs our attention like the NFL. No matter what it is.  No matter how small or big, it still does.  Even when it comes to a team potentially hiring an assistant coach.  Not a head coach mind you, but an assistant one.

Now the Tennessee Titans have not had the best of the luck in the post season in quite some time.  In fact, the last time they won a playoff game was back in January of 2004, when they beat the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs.  Yes, it has been 9 years since the Titans won a playoff game.  Four since they were in the playoffs.

So the team needs an identity again.  They had one with Steve McNair, Eddie George and the gang back in the glory days.  They are searching for one desperately, which leads me to one word, No.

Reports are that the Titans are very close to bringing former coach Gregg Williams back on staff.  Yes, the Gregg Williams who was suspended by the NFL (and has not yet been cleared to return) for the bounty-gate scandal, could be back in Nashville.  And I say, do not do it.

You haven't been to the playoffs and won in years, you just had a massive turnover in your coaching staff, the organization seems adrift and you want to add to all of this in bringing in a coach who was the center point of one of the biggest NFL scandals ever? I say no, no, no and no again.

Plus, former Titans coach Jeff Fisher, now with the St. Louis Rams, one of Williams' best friends doesn't want him either.  To me, that speaks volumes.  My co-hosts think I am completely off base in this and that the Titans need to bring him back, to re-establish that identity.

Imagine the questions this fall for the team if Williams does get hired.  There will be non-stop bounty gate questions.  My co-hosts again think that will subside but after working in the media since 1996, I know how their mind works.  It will be after every practice.  Every game.  Every time.  That bounty gate question.

It is a headache they don't need.  Lord knows, they already have plenty of them.

Big Joe


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