September 19th, 2014

Now the Fun Begins

by JoeDubin

Goodbye January.  Bye!  Take care and we will see you in about 11 months. No offense, but you are the worst month of the year.  Not really your fault, it's just the way it falls.  Look, you used to be a good friend of mine.  We were pals. You provided me with lots of snow and when I was in high school, you gave me a lot of snow days to enjoy all of that snow.  We also shared the Super Bowl.  Yes!  You and me, we had it good baby.  We had it good.

Then something happened.  You didn't become fun anymore.  No more snow, just cold temps.  Look, I can handle the cold, but only when there is snow.  Otherwise, useless.  So you took that away from me.  Then the Super Bowl was moved to February.  February!  Yeh, the main thing I loved was given to the next month.  Even our third favorite season for college football fanatics, recruiting season, is now the first Wednesday in February.

So what is left?  Not much.  Even college basketball isn't any more fun in January.  It is more fun in February.  And on and on.  January, you are like Bill Murray's girlfriend in the movie Stripes.  She says, 'John, you just aren't funny anymore. It's over.'

January, the same is for you.  It's over, but we will still allow you to come around once a year. Now with you behind us, the fun begins.

Big Joe

Photo via tumblr

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