September 21st, 2014

Pick Your National Title Matchup

by ZachBingham


The BCS was put into a blender over the weekend. Kansas State and Oregon could coast on into the National Championship with no problem if they won their remaining games.

Not so fast.

A missed field goal in overtime to the Stanford Cardinal could dash the dreams of the Ducks and a 5-5 Baylor team putting a beat down on Kansas State has SEC fans smiling. 

But with the last regular season weekend in college football upon us, and a slew of conference championships still to play, anything could happen.

Let's take a look at all of the scenarios.

#1 Notre Dame (11-0)

            - @ Southern California  – A win punches the golden domer’s ticket to Miami. Win and your in. Freshman QB Max Wittek will get his first career start for the Trojans, replacing an injured Matt Barkley. USC always has good talent from top to bottom and Notre Dame defense is not use to an offense that can score on any play.


#2 Alabama (10-1)

-       vs Auburn, (possible SEC Championship) – Even though it is a rivalry game, Auburn has no chance. If there is an Atlanta showdown between Bama and Georgia, it will be a fight and the winner goes to play for the crystal ball. The Texas A&M game left a bad taste in the mouths of a Crimson Tide team defending their title.


#3 Georgia (10-1)

-       vs Georgia Tech, (possible SEC Championship) – If the Bulldogs can get passed their in-state rival, Georgia will decide their destiny in the SEC championship game. With a complete defense and a solid run game, it is not out of the realm of Mark Richt and company winning and traveling to South Beach. Will all depend on the play of QB Aaron Murray.


#4 Florida (10-1)

-       @ #10 Florida State, (possible SEC Championship) – Florida is not totally out of the national championship picture. With a win against the Seminoles and a loss by Notre Dame, it could be the Gators that will drive down the peninsula to take on the SEC champion in another southeastern conference national title game. Need to avoid Oregon jumping them in the standings because the Ducks will play an extra week in the Pac 12 title game.


#5 Oregon (10-1)

-       @ #15 Oregon State, (vs #17 UCLA- Pac 12 Championship) – Oregon had everything set in their favor to play in their second championship game in the last three years but that could be spoiled with a home loss against Stanford this past weekend. Oregon needs ND to fall to USC and Florida to stumble against Florida State, which should have Chip Kelly playing for the prize in early January.


#6 Kansas State (10-1)

-       vs #16 Texas - The easiest road to the championship was that of Kansas State. All they had to do was beat a .500 Baylor team, in which they got blown out 52-24, and defeat a two-loss Texas team at home on December 2nd. That’s it. The only way K-State will move up to the top two spots is have the Irish fall to USC, Florida lose to the Seminoles, Florida State tank the ACC title game and Oregon drop one of their last two. This is not out of the question but help is needed. A lot of help.


#10 Florida State (10-1)

-       vs #4 Florida, (vs Georgia Tech - ACC Championship) – The Noles lost to NC State earlier this year and have really fallen off of the map. If they can beat #4 Florida, it will be interesting to see how far they move up in the BCS. The only problem is how bad the Costal division is in the ACC. Florida State won’t get much push for beating a (7-5 or 6-6) Georgia Tech team in the ACC championship so it may be all for not. A perfect example of a team that only lost one game and their chances at a title is gone. Don’t worry Seminole Nation, a playoff is right around the corner. 

Most Likely National Championship Matchups

(Pick one & comment below)

Notre Dame vs Alabama

Notre Dame vs Georgia


Alabama vs Florida

Alabama vs Oregon

Alabama vs Kansas State

Alabama vs Florida State


Georgia vs Florida

Georgia vs Oregon 

Georgia vs Kansas State

Georgia vs Florida State


The common theme is that there is a SEC team in every single one of these scenarios. It will take Alabama some how getting beat by Auburn, Georgia losing to Georgia Tech, Florida State beating Florida, which would send Johnny Football and Texas A&M to the SEC Championship, and then the Aggies would have to lose.

Let the games begin.

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