September 15th, 2014

Still Don’t Know What Locker Can Do

by ZachBingham


We haven’t seen much out of the Titans ‘franchise’ quarterback this year.

Because we haven’t really seen the Titans ‘franchise’ quarterback this year. 

So much hype and excitement was ruined by two separate happenings to Jake Locker through the first four games. In an equal opportunity quarterback competition this offseason, Locker shined and won the right to take snaps under center as the starting quarterback over Matt Hasselbeck. The young QB’s opening day performance started with an early deficit and ended with an injured left shoulder.


Week two in San Diego, the Titans defense gave up 416 total yards and with offensive coordinator Chris Palmer abandoning the run, Locker was left throwing from behind.

Two special teams touchdowns, a fumble taken in for a score and overtime got the win against the Lions in week three.

And then this in Houston.

Titans fans have only twelve quarters, over a month ago, to gauge how Jake Locker will be. At 3-6, shocking as it may sound, Tennessee can move up the playoff ladder faster than you may think. A win this week in Miami helps them on all fronts because it drops the Dolphins down, moves the Titans up and gives them another head to head tiebreaker. 

  1. Houston (7-1)
  2. Baltimore (6-2)
  3. New England (5-3)
  4. Denver (5-3)
  5. Indianapolis (6-3)
  6. Pittsburgh (5-3)
  1. San Diego (4-4)
  2. Miami (4-4)
  3. Oakland (3-5)
  4. New York Jets (3-5)
  5. Buffalo (3-5)
  6. Cincinnati (3-5)
  7. Tennessee (3-6)

{Playoff teams as of today in BOLD}

The timing for Locker’s return works out very well. Let's face it, expectations for the team are low sitting three games behind .500. If Locker can reel off some wins and beat teams that he shouldn’t later in the season, (ie Houston, @Green Bay, & @Indy) hope will be restored. 

Unfortunately for Locker, the catalyst for winning football games this season won’t solely rely on his decision-making but on the league’s 30th ranked defense. Two things a young quarterback needs to be successful is a strong running game and a defense that can give you short fields. The Titans running game is coming along but the defense will decide how the second half of the season goes. 

In these last seven games, Locker will gain the much-needed experience but more importantly the public will finally find out what he really can do.

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Photo Courtesy of USAToday


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