September 14th, 2014

......Tell Me Why......

by JoeDubin

I don't get it.  I really don't.  Why do fans leave games early?  I know sometimes they get frustrated and upset but I still don't know why fans leave games early. 

You work your butt off, you spend that hard earned money to go and buy tickets and then, you leave games early?

Case in point is Thursday night, when the Nashville Predators played the Phoenix Coyotes.  One of the most bizarre hockey games I have ever seen.  Phoenix scored 5 goals in the first 10 minutes of the first period.  5 goals in 10 minutes.  There are hockey games that will go for 65 minutes and no one will score.  Phoenix had 5 goals in 10 minutes and they were on pace to score 30 goals in the game.  Exciting right?  Well for some Preds fans, no.

I observed Preds fans heading for the doors en masse.  Yes, a bunch of them heading for the exits.  Even the producer of THE FIRST QUARTER on 102.5 THE GAME, who arrived at the game shortly after the Coyotes scored their 4th goal, said he saw a ton of Predator fans on the street and heading home.  In the first period!  Of what could be a night to remember.  And it was.  Both teams combined for 9 goals in the first period, a franchise record. 

Look, here is the thing.  You know it is going to be crowded.  You know traffic will be terrible.  You know ALL of this.  So why do you want to leave?  Again, I get it for some folks, who are extremely passionate about your team and you have 'had enough.'  For the majority though, I don't understand it.  

Please tell me why!!

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