September 22nd, 2014

That's Just Ole Miss...

by BradHopkins

An interview this morning on the 1st Quarter got me thinking further about the situation on the campus of Ole Miss.  (Here's the link for reference ) 

I have existed on this planet for over 42 years and have come to realize we will never stop using "race" as a form of classification.  

When I became a parent I applauded children's programs like "Sesame Street" and the "Teletubbies" for trying to establish the differences in characters as purely cosmetic.  Can you imagine our kids growing up thinking because "Cookie Monster" who is blue was smarter than "Big Bird" who is yellow??  

Funny huh?  Just about as funny as a group of "students", participants in higher learning mind you, that would engage in a protest where racial slurs were a part of the message.  I mean, are we that isolated in our social existances that the racial lines aren't crossed with regularity?  Enough to understand the only classification associated with color is "green."  And even THAT is inaccurate, fooling us into thinking richer is better.  

I don't hold those with jaded perceptions responsible for their outlook because like a contagious disease, racism is contracted or learned - not inherited.  Exposition of our youth and under-educated to the influences of the equally under-educated is OUR fault as a general society.  We have made it acceptable for those around us to hold and spread views that are offensive to other cultures, genders, races, and creeds.  

Until the people who would make such comments and statements are held accountable and shown the short-sightedness of their beliefs, our children and their children will STILL be subjected to the same mindless rhetoric my GRANDPARENTS experienced.  

But then again what else should we expect from a "rebel?"  Break the chain...

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