September 15th, 2014

The 24 Second News Cycle

by JoeDubin
I remember when we first got cable TV back in 1981.  MTV of course was the rage but being a news junkie at an early age, I was fascinated with Headline News.  You kidding me, 24 hours of constant news, all the time, whenever you wanted it?  Excellent.  
Fast forward 30 plus years and what used to take 24 hours to break and get news wise, we now get it, in about 24 seconds.  Yep, thanks to the Internet and most of all, Twitter.  
It isn't played out like it is anwhere else to when it comes to college coaches and who is going where and who got fired and what is going to happen.  A story that used to take 24 hours to decipher and figure out, is now down to 24 seconds.  Seriously, 24 seconds.  The news that Arkansas had hired Wisconsin's coach, just after it was reported they were going to hire Oklahoma State's coach is a prime example.  It exploded in zero time.  
Then Arkansas State's coach is leaving to go coach at Auburn and that story also took about 24 seconds to come out.  People stalking planes, and cars and restaurants and then posting on Twitter.  Truly, nothing is secret anymore. 
It is one of the reasons I left the world of local TV sports.  NO ONE is sitting around to watch the 6 or 10 pm news to see what story is going on, especially when that story broke at 9 A.M. or 4 P.M.  Just pick up your phone or hop on the internet and bam, you got the whole story.  
Maybe Keifer Sutherland should star in a new '24' cause now, it has a whole new meaning.  
Big Joe
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