September 20th, 2014

The "Bro-Bowl" and It's Thin Line

by BradHopkins
I'm hearing a lot of "feel good conversation" you know, love and respect type stuff coming from both the Ravens and 49ers.  In the real world that's a wonderful thing but this is football!!  Conversely speaking, a contest where two brothers hate each other could be almost as intriguing as one featuring two bitter rivals.

Let's just say Jim got the bigger piece of chicken most times or maybe called "shotgun" quicker.  Maybe Jackie DID love John more like Jim used to say! (I don't know for sure that he used to say that...)  Those are the type of injustices during childhood that could possibly leak into a competitive situation like a Super Bowl. 

Raised under the same roof, similar personalities, these two teams mirror each other.  What happens when one player takes a cheap shot and its condoned by that team's coach?  Retaliation?   Doubt it.  

So while I marveled at the uniqueness of a "brother vs brother" title game, some possibilities force me to reserve judgement.  You have to admit the sound of a "throat chop" rather than a "handshake at the end of the game is a lot more compelling right?!

Can you imagine Sam Wyche and Jerry Glanville hugging after a game?  You don't think Jim Schwartz wants another crack at the post-game hand shake?  I guarantee you in the back of one of these coaches' minds are the words of their mother "don't pick on your brother!"

But let us enjoy Super Bowl XLVII because this situation probably won't come around again for another millenium.  Congrats to the Harbaughs, the first family of football??  I guess we'll see. 
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