August 20th, 2014

The No One Cares dot com Bowl

by ZachBingham


This weekend is the official start to ‘Bowl Season’.

The only problem for Tennesseans, fans of the SEC or viewers of good quality football, nothing special happens until the first of the year.

It’s only December 14th.

On Saturday, Nevada plays Arizona in the Gildan ‘We’ve both lost 5 games’ New Mexico Bowl and Toledo squares off against Utah State in the ‘D-List’ Idaho Potato Bowl. 

I understand the theory of attaining the most money as possible with an extra game but Ohio and Louisiana-Monroe will not raise one hair on my neck come December 28th at 2pm.

Thirty-five bowl games are about fifteen too many. It ends up diluting the product and with commissioner Roger Goodell talking about expanding the NFL playoffs, I hope same is not said for Americas favorite professional sport in the near future.

Even in the BCS, a five-loss Wisconsin team sneaks into a premier bowl game because others are on probation. And don’t get me started on Northern Illinois pre-packing ‘PolarPacs’ for the beat down they’re going to receive from Florida State in the Orange Bowl.

Things are getting out of hand.

With more post-season games on the horizon in 2014, the NCAA should take a look at eliminating some of the lesser revenue generating matchups.

As you flip through the bowl games over the next couple of weeks, take a look at all of the empty seats. reported that college football attendance is the lowest it has been since 2003.

So this weekend is a great time to get your holiday shopping done because not much will be on the tube. 

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