September 16th, 2014

Titans assistant coach: 'Everyone is scared'

by DarrenMcFarland

Here is an eye-opener story about the Titans from Mike Freeman of - Darren.

via CBSSports. com

"After Tennessee owner Bud Adams went all Donald Trump on his Titans team (the firings -- not the birtherism) let's just say: Mission accomplished.

Said one Titans assistant coach to me: "Everyone is scared. We're all looking over our shoulders now."

"When I say everyone, I mean everyone," the coach said. "There is a sense of panic now throughout the organization."

This source said that in the hours after Adams' declaration, some in the organization began covertly looking for other jobs just in case there is a mass firing at the end of the season. Considering this is only the halfway point, that tells you how much Adams' statement scared people inside the Titans.

There are two ways to look at this. In threatening to fire everyone from the coaches to the dudes who wash the underwear, Adams is making people accountable. Accountability is a good thing.

Yet in the NFL, these types of edicts don't work. In fact, they make things worse, especially in the locker room. Coaches begin to call plays they normally would not, make roster moves they normally would not, all out of desperation, and that kind of desperation rarely works.

Worse, players know the coaches are desperate and can tune the coaches out, knowing that next season these same coaches might be gone.

In some ways, Adams' edict might have torpedoed the very franchise he's trying to save.

Plus, Adams is being somewhat hypocritical here. It's not like he has been this great owner with this long track record of winning. His franchise has appeared in one Super Bowl, and Adams rode Jeff Fisher's admittedly overrated coattails. The franchise has never been able to stock talent with the best of the NFL, and some of Adams' hires have been questionable.

Current head coach Mike Munchak being one of them.

When doing that upcoming franchise evaluation, Adams might want to look in the mirror first."

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