September 19th, 2014

Vince Lombardi and Woody Hayes

by BradHopkins

Vince Lombardi and Woody Hayes are two iconic members of the football community.  They saw the value in mentoring, teaching and essentially molding young men into responsible, dependable adults.

The example of commitment these men displayed to their student-athletes I'm sure was inherited from THEIR coaches.  What types of examples are TODAY's coaches giving our student athletes?  

Commitment has a price in today's football community.  Because of huge revenues in today's game created by television, a great season for a smaller school is destined to tank the program.  That head coach will be mentioned for every job that holda shigher status.

Who wants something that noone else wants? I get that, but the question now becomes, "how forked is the tongue that lures talented young men to a university with the promise of success?"  Until something better comes their way, of course.

I am all for professional progression, bettering one's self skillfully and financially.  But it should be a motal sin to offer another coach, currently under contract and within the same division, mind you, big money to coach against the very kids he's responsible for bringing to that campus.

What if Woody was "whoo-ed" by Michigan?  How would the football community react?  Back then I can imagine a sense of outrage would have been the sentiment.  This culture, created by "big business," is teaching our developing athletes playing for yourself and financial security are far more important than the men around them who's performances are vital to their own success.

Being a coach is far more detailed than simply being the guy with the whistle who directs traffic.  They are the heads of "football families" involving young men eager to please.

So just remember, "Mr. Young Hot Coach," whomever you may be, "real dads don't leave."  See it through!


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