September 17th, 2014
Well said. I agree, they should never get into the Hall of Fame. One day, there might be a section of the HoF dedicated to the Steroid Era; as it is an important segment of baseball's history. Hopefully, that's the only way any of the steroid-users will make it. But that's different. A member of the HoF gets special treatment, usually rightfully deserved. Can one imagine that Bonds, McGwire, Clemens would get into the Hall of Fame, then get invited to a banquet or media event based on that - and then have a multitude of questions asked about why he should have not been elected? Would any of them want to field questions like that? These players did something that altered the game, each one with his own interests in mind - ultimately fame and fortune. Along the way, yes, they stained the game, and we should not be forgiving. We should, however, take into account those who did not use devious ways to better themselves: hard work, ethics, skills, and God-given talent. To do otherwise would ignore the best attributes of The Game.
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over 1 year ago by SkipNipper